Shipping Guide


Once your payment is in our bank account, we will prepare your vehicle for shipment to your designated port on the next available vessel. Once your space is booked, we will contact you to inform you of the vessel it has been booked, date of shipment and estimated time of arrival of the vessel. This will allow you time to prepare. It is important that you provide us with your correct contact details because we need it in the Bill of lading and Invoice.

Bill of Lading:

Three days after the shipment, the shipping company will issue a Bill of Lading to us. The Bill of Lading is a document prepared by the shipping company. It sets out the terms of the contract of carriage with the shipping company. It serves as the consignor's receipt for the goods taken on board ship and it gives you the right to claim the goods to which it refers.
We will send all documentation immediately after the vessel's actual departure. These documents are sent to you or your clearing agent using First Flight courier service.

Typical documents/items will go with your car:
  • Manual book (If available)
  • Service book (If available)
  • Spare key (If available)

Documents will be sent by courier service:

  • Log card (If necessary)
  • De-Registration (If necessary)
  • Technical letter (For New Zealand customers)

Clear your vehicle from ports in destination:

With original Bill of Lading, de-registration or log card in hand, you simply go down to the appointed custom clearing agent (always ring in advance to avoid wasting time), give them your documents and they will then release your car. Kiwi Auto Exports can advice some good custom clearing agent for you if you donít know any agents in your country.

Contact Us

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  • Phone: +60 194664233


There are people in Malaysia fraudulently impersonating my SINGAPORE registered Company KIWI AUTO EXPORTS PTE Ltd.
This is to serve notice that as it is illegal to export Singapore vehicles to Malaysia we do not sell and export to Malaysia.
Already some people have paid money to these scammers for supposed Singapore vehicles at scrap prices. Please beware of these people and do not pay any money to them.
The only people who deal with car sales for KIWI AUTO Exports are Mr. Jerry Clayton and MR. Kevin Woods No other person is authorized to sell vehicles on behalf of this company.
The only bank account the company has is DBS bank in Singapore.